Elegance, aesthetics, uniqueness

Details, even tiny ones, can steal the show. We entrust decorations, objects and furnishings with the task of giving personality to the environment, to display our taste and style. Our handcrafted propositions - the company’s true core business - are unusual and, at the same time, elegant. Exclusivity is a value that has defined us for decades, since the beginning, and that we still cherish. If we have the ambition to create something unique, we must be one step ahead as a Company: ‘to experiment’, not ‘to follow’; ‘to inspire’, not ‘to be inspired’. Sikkens and Calce Del Brenta are only two of the most prestigious brands that produce materials for us. However, we manufacture the refined and sophisticated decorative finishes as Marmorino, Stucco and Incausto. The ‘tailored’ customization is maximum: starting from the request of professionals, such as designers, architects, engineers, we study and develop that particular nuance that will make your rooms stand out. Whether you want to talk about yourself as you are, or recreate a space of escape, we are the solution to give substance to your desires!

IPAVIMENTIINRESINA.IT - Laboratorio Artistico
Via Cerro 77/a - 21040 Uboldo (VA) Italy - Cell. +39 333 628.22.90 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - P.Iva 03793580121

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