Tradition and innovation, method and creativity.

The comforting experience of a company that has been in the industry for over 40 years. But also the curious spirit of those who always look to the future: trends, methods, style. The exciting and coveted Made in Italy which is a guarantee and prestige. But also a demanding, scrupulous and millimetric approach, ‘engineering’ in terms of organization and systematicity. Contrasts blur to provide you with solutions capable of taking care of your spaces, with the precision and character that these premises impose and deserve. At the heart of all of it, seriousness, presence, punctuality, helpfulness, discretion, perfectionism, maniacal attention to detail. In a word: professionalism, our dogma. The delicate, genuine attention to human aspects, empathy, the ability to manage and reassure, the love for our job that makes us go beyond the actual assignment, are what distinguish our style. We pay as much attention to technical details as to relationships. Our heart is precise.


Precious stones, glassy resins and mosaics: this is how we create our artistic floors in transparent resin, the fascinating and practical alternative for those who want to go beyond classic tiles and traditional hard wood floors.

The high degree of customization intrigues and tantalizes: the wide range of colours and effects (spatulate, textured and crystallized) guarantees unique and inimitable solutions. We are in the irresistible territory of Design.


River pebbles, leaves, flowers and hard stones blend with transparent resins for absolutely stunning effects: floors, table tops, bathroom and kitchen tops and ornaments will leave you speechless. This is why resin is currently trendy and in great demand, both in architecture and interior design.

However, what, for many, is a fashion of the moment and an unexplored territory, for us is instead a pleasant tradition of which we guard every secret: in fact, we have been treating, testing and applying this solution for forty years, ahead of the times.

A meticulous, convinced, inexhaustible research work leads us to continuously improve techniques and to find the most innovative and performing materials, even creating “ad hoc” ones with the most qualified suppliers.

Trust in forerunners.

IPAVIMENTIINRESINA.IT - Laboratorio Artistico
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