Shines. Resists. Seduces

Art, Design, Aesthetics, Craftsmanship: resins are placed in these areas, proving to be a design resource with infinite potential. Combined with pigments, sands and other materials, they are in fact a tool for expression.
Ideal for any environment, our solutions also wink at functionality, both in daily use and in longer-term maintenance.

A bright environment is more comforting, enhances and showcases the details it holds. Because sometimes, when looking for light, you don’t have to look up, but down...
Our solutions astonish, captivate, remain impressed for how they combine aesthetics, style and character: yours. With a very high level of customization, creativity is the only real limit...

Pre-existing floors, such as marble and ceramic, underfloor heating, tiles, concrete, traditional or self-levelling sand and cement screeds: there is no surface on which resins cannot be applied, with significant and valuable time and cost savings.
There is no need for demolition and masonry work, while thicknesses of 3-5 millimetres circumvent the annoying problem of creating steps.
Waterproof and easy to adhere, resins offer mechanical strength and chemical stability.
Ready to change the face of your surroundings?

Aesthetics are seldom reconciled with functionality, but resin floors - being, in fact, monolithic surfaces - also have this merit: the absence of joints between tiles (even with very large sizes) makes cleaning quick and easy, for a comfortable level of hygiene, never so welcome as these days...

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